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Our curriculum was developed by The Addiction Connection.  It’s founder, Dr. Mark Shaw is a leading voice in our country on biblical addiction counseling. Dr. Howard Eyrich, professor of Biblical Counseling, past seminary president and founder of fifteen counseling centers says “What Jay Adams was to the biblical counseling movement Mark Shaw is to the addiction counseling movement.” I’m not sure one can speak higher of the curriculum than that. 

The men at the Freedom Center will arrive to a welcoming, secure environment. They will share rooms with each other (four to a room), and will assist in the daily, normal chores of homemaking.

During the day they will have morning devotions, attend classes, have group and individual counseling, and attend various evening meetings (church services and addiction specific).

Due to the short duration of our program and the need for the renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2) our men will not be allowed outside visits. The family will be asked to meet once with the counselor before program completion.

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morning devotions

The first 31 days, we will read and journal a Proverb each morning. We want everyone to know the wisdom of God.  After that, we will begin working through “Cross Talking: A Daily Gospel for Transforming Addicts.”  This devotional will apply God’s word to the specific problem of addiction.


Attending classes

We will work through a sixty six class course called “Be Transformed: A Disciple Making Program for Addicts.”  During the course of this study we will also read the following books: “The Heart of Addiction,” “The Gospel of Jesus Christ,” and “Overcoming Temptation,” as well as working through two workbooks: “The Heart of Addiction” and “Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies.” 



Each person will receive one personal counseling session each week to work on personal issues. These counselors will provide biblical help to work through any issues that are affecting them.  During class and devotionals they will also receive counsel from the staff that is serving them.

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evening meetings

Each day we will attend meetings on and off campus to hear God’s word in different environments.  We will attend church services on Sunday and Wednesday and will attend Living Free meetings Monday, Thursday and Saturday. On Tuesday and Friday we will find churches in revival or bring local pastors and musicians on site to have gospel filled meetings. 

Program requires a $500 deposit at time of application and $2,500 before or on the admission date for a total of $3,000. Fees are non-refundable once paid.

No smoking or tobacco allowed on the property!

Nicotine gum, pouches, or patches are allowed at your own expense.

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